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What is the cause? Conjunctivitis is usually caused by bacteria or viruses and is commonly associated with coughs and colds. Allergic conjunctivitis is usually related to hay fever.
What are the symptoms?

  • Gritty watery eyes

  • Watery or sticky discharge

  • Eyes stuck together in the morning

  • Allergic:<
  • Itchy eyes

  • Occasionally puffy eyelid

  • Treatment

  • Treatment is dependant upon the type of conjunctivitis.

  • Bacterial - antibiotic drops or ointment.

  • Viral - no treatment is usually given for this. It is the same as a cold and may take 2-3 weeks to get better.

  • Allergic - anti-allergy drops.

  • Precautions
    Infective conjunctivitis is contagious. Always use your own flannel and towels as this will help not to spread the infection.

    Remember to wash your hands after touching your eyes.

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