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Corneal Abrasion
The cornea is commonly known as the window of the eye and covers the coloured part of the eye. An abrasion is a scratch on the surface of the cornea. Unlike a scratch on the skin, it is normally very painful.
What treatment will I need?
The treatment that you will be given is aimed at ensuring that the abrasion heals as quickly as possible and that it does not become infected. Initially, some antibiotic ointment will be applied, and in some cases eye drops will be used to dilute your pupil, causing your vision to become blurred temporarily. A firm eye pad may then be applied to forcibly close your eye and to help the cornea heal.

When wearing the eye pad your eye should always remain closed. You will also be advised not to drive or to use machinery and your ability to judge distances will be affected.

Recurrent abrasions
For a small number of people the cornea does not heal properly after an abrasion. These people will wake up in the morning with a painful eye. In most case this passes quickly, however, if the pain persists you may be advised to return for further treatment.

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