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Meibomian Cyst
Sebaceous glands are present in the eyelids. They are the oil producing glands. When a gland becomes blocked with sebaceous material this results in a rounded swelling (cyst) in the upper or lower eyelid.
A small cyst may resolve spontaneously. An acutely infected meibomian gland may benefit from Antibiotic Ointment and "hot spoon" bathing.

A large cyst may require incision and drainage. This is a short surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic.

Important surgery information
  • Have breakfast before attending the eye unit on the morning of your operation.

  • Please do not wear any eye make-up on the morning you attend.

  • You will not be able to drive your car following the procedure so please take someone along to accompany you.

  • A pad will be applied to your eye - this must be left in place for four hours.

  • Ointment may be prescribed.

  • Your eye may be slightly sore and the eyelid may be red or slightly bruised after this procedure.

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