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Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetes affects between 3 4% of the population. With the passage of time up to 30% of these will develop changes in the back of the eye Diabetic Retinopathy.

What happens?
Diabetic Retinopathy is the name given to the changes in the Retina which occur over a period of time in diabetics. These changes can affect the vision. The blood vessels in the Retina may leak causing small haemorrhages or the deposition of fatty deposits. These can affect the Central vision.

More serious changes can also occur when new blood vessels form on the retinal surfaces and this can cause dense haemorrhages or lead on to scar tissue formation which may distort or detach the Retina. This second and more serious type of change can result in serious loss of both central and peripheral vision.

How Do I Know?
Both types of change may be held in check by Laser treatment of the Retina. However it is important that the treatment is undertaken before irreversible changes have occurred resulting in permanent loss of vision.

It is important to have your vision checked regularly and the Retina should be checked by the doctor looking after your Diabetes or your optician. They will be able to refer you to your eye doctor for a further opinion and treatment if necessary.

1) You should have your eyes checked once a year.

2) If you are unable to keep your appointment make sure that you re book it especially if you are having Laser treatment.

3) Your co operation combined with Laser treatment when necessary will preserve useful vision in most cases.

4) Several sessions of Laser treatment may be needed to improve the condition.

5) Laser treatment is performed as an Outpatient. A local anaesthetic drop will be given.

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