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Choosing the Right Glasses for you
Your prescription dictates the kind of lens you will have, and this in turn can affect the frames that will look good on you...
How to choose a pair of glasses
Purchasing a new pair of glasses can make an enormous impact on how you look and for your confidence. Choosing the right style to suit your features is therefore very important. If you are purchasing only one frame choose a versatile frame that will look good in many different situations. Glasses have now become a high fashion accessory.

The main factors that affect this choice are face shape, hair, and make-up. The type of glasses may also be affected by your prescription.

Face features
If you don't like some of your features your choice of frames may help balance your looks.

Wide set eyes
A coloured bridge will make your eyes seem closer together

Close set eyes
A clear or thin bridge adds width between your eyes

Short Nose:
Select styles with a high set bridge in line with the top of the frames

Long Nose:
A low-set bridge appears to shorten it, © 2006 Oakley Prescription Sunglasses, tel: 01883 723 271 Fax: 01883 723 271 All copyright is acknowledged for logos & images belonging to their respective companies. Click here to add to your favourites
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