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Why do we need sunglasses?
Our eyes need protection from the harsh UV rays. It is now well known that UV exposure predisposes people to premature cataract, age related macular degeneration(ARMD), pterygium and UV keratitis to name but some...

This is important for everyone and especially for children who have a greater exposure to UV now than was the case in previous generations.
ARMD for example, is the commonest cause of patients being registered as partially sighted or blind in adulthood within the UK. Although there are some new and exciting treatments for ARMD such as photodynamic therapy, most cases still remain untreatable. This emphasises the significant importance of protecting your eyes against potentially harmful UV by wearing good sunglasses.

Oakley sunglasses for example provide a total block for every form of UV light not just UVA. Oakley's XYZ optics extends clarity to the lens edge even with their contoured wraparound frames that maximise side vision and protection.

We have sunglasses specifically designed for cycling, running, golf, motorsport, football, tennis, water sports, mountain-climbing, ski-ing and more.

Our designer sunglasses also offer full UV protection when you are just relaxing. Remember when you are ski-ing, potential UV exposure is at its maximum and good UV protection and light absorption is essential. Look at our ski-ing section which includes Oakley, Adidas and Maui Jim which all have lenses specifically designed for mountain conditions.

A recent article entitled "Vision at Risk on winter slopes" claims winter sports eyewear is vital to ward off eye damage. The study says that the action of the wind, snow, cold and mist causes the cornes to be lashed with microcrystals, resulting in serious eye damage. This damage, known as snow ophthalmia, is exacerbated by altitude and causes inflammation of the cornea. The damage is also only apparent some hours after the winter sport has taken place and can lead to discomfort and visual disturbance.
The report also endorsed the need of protection for children against the effects of UV radiationbecuase of the translucence of the lens in children., © 2006 Oakley Prescription Sunglasses, tel: 01883 723 271 Fax: 01883 723 271 All copyright is acknowledged for logos & images belonging to their respective companies. Click here to add to your favourites
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